A Film Marketing & Distribution Company

WE ARE a Film Marketing and Distribution company, based in Los Angeles, California.

At Syndctd Entertainment, we aim to offer a strategic, multi-platform film release strategy, with the expertise and experience to execute the vision.

In addition, Syndctd Entertainment operates as a vertically integrated film company that can also service trailers, artwork, poster design, websites, social media engagement, community builds, mobile app builds, and much more.

Syndctd Entertainment is unique in that we create both the strategic direction for our clients, and then execute the strategy through our in-house client services, design, development & content teams.

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WE USE our vast experience in independent film marketing and distribution, and have the skills and capabilities to find your niche movie audience and pair that successfully with a strategic theatrical release. We've successfully engaged audiences as global as The Beatles, to audiences as niche as the vegan community in the food documentary Forks Over Knives.

Syndctd Entertainment operates as a vertically integrated film distribution company that can also service trailers, artwork, poster design, websites, behind-the-scenes footage & much more. Having these services in house allows us to streamline the production of these assets seamlessly all the way through the release date, as well as keep costs down from having to outsource or use 3rd party vendors.
  • Film Distribution

    theatrical, VOD, digital & home entertainment
  • Design

    film poster, artwork & logo
  • Award Qualification

    NY/LA bookins, publicity, film reviews & submissions
  • Web Development

    film sites, contest applications & facebook apps
  • Consultation

    release strategy, marketing & brand development
  • Mobile App Builds

    conception, design & launch for iOS & Android
  • Trailer Production

    editing, coloring & sound
  • Social Media

    community management, design & development
  • Film Publicity

    press junkets, premieres, media/press outreach
  • Market Research

    surveying, case study & field screenings
  • Media Buy

    planning, creative, buying & placement
  • Brand Partnerships

    premieres & events
Jonathan Chaupin

Jonathan has over 10 years of experience in film development, international sales, marketing & distribution. He has led over 30 feature film release campaigns across North America and international territories such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Italy, Holland, Germany & more.

His global network of exhibitor, digital, and home entertainment partners creates an avenue for independent filmmakers and content owners to strategically release their films to audiences worldwide.

managing partner

Philip started off his career in the talent world, working for Sam Feldman (Norah Jones, Donald Sutherland, Diana Krall) in the mailroom, then later becoming an assistant and then agent.

He left to manage the North American music program for the Jack Daniels brand, where the program evolved and grew during his tenure. Philip then became a Director of Wireless Marketing at Rogers Communications.

The entrepreneurial world soon came calling and Philip answered.

Philip currently resides in Los Angeles, where he leads business development and strategy for Syndctd.

Aaron Turkel
Director of Strategy

Aaron is one of those people who has the right mix of energy & intellect, who earns his right to be on the cutting edge through his commitment to learning, innovation & partnerships.

Aaron's role is providing digital consultation to films looking to embrace new media, with emphasis on interaction & engagement.

He also believes that traditional campaigns can live harmoniously with digital engagement campaigns, especially in the marketing of films.

With a foundation in Digital Marketing & Experiential Marketing Campaigns, Aaron understands that engagement is the primary method for getting the target audience to embrace promotional messages.

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