India is a huge country as it stretches from the western Arabian Sea up to the east of Bangladesh. Despite that, India has only one time zone even though some countries are as big as that and have several time zones. It ended up bringing India one of the longest days of the year. That won’t be good news for Indians who work an 8 to 5 job. There is a big loss of energy for full-time employees as they may have a lot of energy when they wake up in the morning but all that energy is out the window when they arrive at the office at around 10 AM. It won’t be good for the Amateur Deals employee as she won’t give a good performance to her employer. There is a connection between India and their poorest states because they don’t produce much in terms of productivity. After all, it is just too hot out there.

A lot of Indians planned to get out of the country because there is only a one-time zone. There won’t be much of an impact negatively on the country if India implements several time zones so there is no reason why they won’t implement it. It almost got approved decades ago but it got stopped by the central government for whatever reason. They probably don’t see the suffering endured by Indians who wake up early and then travel to their office which is located in a different time zone. It can get confusing for them at first but they will get used to it as time passes by. One student said that he was so used to going to sleep at 7 in the evening and then waking up at 2 in the morning but he was not able to adjust when he went to college which of course happened at a place in India with a different time zone. A study in 2007 concluded with a finding that separate time zones would cause chaos and some people might simply lose it. It was unknown what they did to come up with that conclusion though.


There is new hope in the new state government of Assam as they are planning to take the matter up with the central government of Delhi. Everybody just needs to have their fingers crossed so this problem will go away sooner rather than later. A lot of people think India has already evolved after becoming an independent country from Britain in 1947.

However, it looks like anybody hardly notices that and that is hardly good news for Indians who are not in favor of the single time zone in the country. It is not producing much of a positive effect on the citizens so they can only hope the new state government of Assam will do something about it. It is certainly an issue that should be focused on ever since they became an independent country but the government, according to is not really in favor of it and that is the bottom line. Nobody can do anything about the fact that the time zones are out of sync.

Right now, they say India Standard Time or IST makes little to no sense. If that is true then why don’t they do anything about it? They have let this issue become unresolved for a long time now. It sure looks bad if their time is out of sync as tourists would not want to go there because of the confusing time. Other countries that have one-time zones are not as big as India so no argument could be made there. India’s northeast part contains some of the country’s poorest states and the out-of-sync time zone only gets them to become worse as time passes by. If the central government wants to improve the lives of Indians living in India then they should be game for a change.